Our Origin

Champagne Marx-Coutelas has been rooted in the Marne Valley since as far back as the 17th century. The first traces of winemaking under the name of Coutelas date back to 1675. Ever since, the family’s love of winegrowing has passed from one generation to the next.
In 1927, Pierre Coutelas made his first bottles of the region’s famous sparkling wine, thus entering the family name into the great history of Champagne.
Later, his daughter Claudine Coutelas inherited the vineyard. She married Jacques Marx, who also owned several hectares of vines in the area. Together this pair worked intensively and provided an important boost to the estate, including the creation of the Champagne Marx-Coutelas brand. Soon after, they passed on their secrets and savoir-faire to their son Patrick, who, out of love for the vineyard, now continues to pursue the development of the brand and the estate. Today, Patrick works with his son Bryan, who has inherited his father’s passion for winegrowing. By bringing his personality to the business, Bryan is helping to strengthen and modernise the Marx-Coutelas champagne house.

The Vineyard
in the heart
of the Marne Valley


It is from Venteuil, in the heart of the Marne Valley, close to Epernay, that Champagne Marx-Coutelas is writing the next pages of its history. The land of the estate has been planted with vines since the 11th century, making it one of the oldest sections of vineyard in Champagne.

Beneath this plateau with its perfectly oriented, south-easterly facing slopes, lies a chalky subsoil, while the topsoil is composed of sand and clay. This combination offers a truly original set of winegrowing conditions that transfer a unique character to the grapes.

Today, this terroir is cultivated with the three traditional Champagne making varieties: Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay.


The savoir-faire of the estate is a family legacy and the different wines it produces are the result of a process of initiation and transmission of skills. Patrick and his son Bryan work together in the traditional fashion of champagne growing families. As grower-producers (récoltants-manipulants), the father and son have full control over the winemaking process, from caring for the vineyard to pressing the grapes and turning their must into champagne. They are keen to preserve the natural balance and biodiversity of their vineyard and are aware that healthy soils are essential for achieving the finest expression of the grapes. By opting for sustainable wine-growing practices, they strive to protect the living environment.

In the winery with its impressive stainless steel vats, Patrick and his son Bryan monitor the winemaking process and work on creating the ideal blends. They are fond of using traditional champagne making methods and, at every harvest, press their grapes using an old, traditional-style oak-made press. This attachment to tradition does not mean that they are not skilled at employing modern technological means; the wines are made in stainless steel vats to ensure perfect temperature control and the full conservation of the aromas developed by the wines.

It is then in the coolness of the house cellars, part of which were dug by hand, that time plays its indispensable role in creating Marx-Coutelas’ unique and delicate champagnes. Thousands of bottles lie in wait in the calm, semi-darkness of these cool stone surroundings, as they slowly evolve towards their optimal maturity.

Our Champagnes

Discover the result of our work and our dedication to
vine through these four vintages that all express to their
the originality and naturalness of our vineyard.



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